An essay on monopolizing the postal service in the united states

The USPS is now faced with the decision to renovate itself due to the extreme loss of business as technology takes over the 21st Century.

The USPS must cut down on employment and delivery costs by re-evaluating its location strategy and rebranching. Currently if a business would like to ship First Class packages with tracking, they need to subscribe to a service like stamps. It has always been a crucial part of our nation in the past, and it still can be for years to come.

The USPS must remind us of the significant difference it can make in communication by recapturing its emotional importance through advertising. Violence or sexual harassment in the workplace may lead to costly lawsuits which will affect company profitability even if it is as minor as attorney fees, however proper training will teach employees the importance of acceptable behavior in the workplace.

Although recently the USPS has started a marketing campaign aimed at the affordability and reliability of small businesses using the postal service, FedEx and UPS are still a major threat to the postal service profitability which makes the measure of competitiveness such an importance I think it should be included.

United States Postal Service Essay Sample

Having mail delivered four or five days a week is a necessary solution for the USPS, in a time where revenue loss continues to decline. Some say that the USPS should be entirely reconstructed because the business is only headed further downhill, while others say that paper mail is still very practical, more so than e-mail, and we must each write more letters to do our part in reviving the business to profitability again.

However, if employees feel valued, they are more willing to share ideas for improvement which may help the company eliminate waste and save money. In total the United States Postal Services has got a whooping 36, retail and delivery premises in the United States.

Employees that get along and show respect for one another will spend their day focusing on their jobs instead of wasting time bickering and involved in office politics which will decrease overall productivity. The USPS must take advantage of how technology has transformed America, and appeal to the heart instead of the clock or wallet.

United States Postal Service Synthesis Paper Essay Sample

The Voice of the Business supports customer satisfaction by improved processes, streamlining operations in all areas and departments to become more efficient. The Mailing services and the Shipping services.

The postal service realized that major changes needed to be made and therefore decided to implement a quality improvement program utilizing the balanced scorecard approach. Connecting people and Business, [Accessed on 23rd] From http: Here are few ideas that could possibly help the USPS regain some of their market share.

For example, the Voice of the Employee supports improved internal processes the Voice of the Business for the simple reason that satisfied employees will make a company run smoother and therefore more profitable. For land deliveries the company has gota half to two and a half ton delivery and collection vehicles.

More essays like this: The business can also support customer satisfaction by giving the customer access to their services even though the post office may be closed at the time. Another disadvantage is that this type of method is labor intensive and may be expensive to implement.

European commission,p. Sending letters and paying bills using the traditional method of using stamps no longer became the preferred method of sending correspondence.

The post office can also start a campaign to bring back the delight of receiving greeting cards in the mail as opposed to nowadays receiving only bills and junk mail.

There are many examples; low morale leads employees to do just enough of their job duties to get by and not to do any extra work or contribute any valuable ideas. They can sort mail during lull times and work a register during peak times.

The continuous loss of revenue for the USPS can be alleviated by simply eliminating two or three mail delivery days every week.

In addition the company has got an additional 8, Mail transportation vehicles that include trailers, tractors and ton vehicles to aid its inland logistics.

The United States Postal Service The United States Postal Service 7 July Business The United States Postal Service has gone through some major changes in the past twenty-five years due to the increase in popularity of technologies such as email, fax machines, the internet and mobile phones.

In these offices the deliveries are done on first come basis to avoid pile ups that may lead to congestion in the offices as well as delays. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

The USPS offers many advantages for the average customer, as it is cheaper than its competitors, provides hundreds of thousands of jobs across the nation, and allows communication for those who may not have access to the internet or other technology.

The main advantage of using a balanced scorecard approach is that this method is a way to measure company performance that is not related to the financial aspect of the company.

The United States Postal Service

To further ensure that there is a smooth flow of the companies products through the road network the company also has inspection vehicles as well as backup vehicles just in case there occurs a problem with the deliveries then it is done Just In Time JIT USPS, Annual reportp.

What may seem as unrelated parts of a business; the customer, the employee and business operations are not separate entities but instead they are all interrelated. Some experts disagree, and argue that increasing service is the answer.

Despite the dramatic downfall USPS has taken as the 21st Century makes its way hand-in-hand with technology, the company can still preserve itself if it cuts back on service and applys the right location and marketing strategies.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. All too often there are long lines at the post office but available stations. The post office should also have attendants that are cross-trained.

USPS, Annual reportp. This efficiency as it relates to the post office will result in a lower incidence of mail and packages delivered to the wrong address.

Examples include a vending machine for stamps inside stores or shipping kiosks inside department or Target stores so customers can ship gifts directly from the store.Q1: The United States Postal Service (USPS) has delivered communications for more than two centuries.

During the nineteenth century, the USPS helped to expand the boundaries of the United States by providing efficient and. United States Postal Service Synthesis Paper Essay Sample If I were the current CEO for the United States Postal Service, I would be gravely concerned about the future of my business, as it has recently taken a steep plummet from its success and popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries.

- Reinventing Government in the United States Post Service In this research paper, I will discuss an overview of reinventing government in the United States Postal Service. The purpose of reinventing government is to make government work. The United States Postal Service has gone through some major changes in the past twenty-five years due to the increase in popularity of technologies such as email, fax machines, the internet and mobile phones.

Early Postal Legislation. InCongress ratified the Articles of Confederation. Article IX addressed postal issues. The United States in Congress assembled shall also have the sole and exclusive right and power of establishing or regulating post offices from one State to another, throughout all the United States, and exacting such postage on the papers.

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An essay on monopolizing the postal service in the united states
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