Case 2 movie industry 2008

Hollywood needs to be looking at their own greed for their supposed problems.

Well, I would like to put forth that Hollywood needs to be looking a bit more internally as to why attendance is down. I am certainly not advocating movie piracy, the hundreds of DVDs I own certainly attest to me doing my part to support the movie industry, it is quite the contrary to be sure.

This tally was generated on 1. Now, what about the costs in time? Stop treating us all like criminals, and we might like you more. As the economy worsens, people are going to start to look at this math harder and realize that seeing a film in the theater just costs too much, and attendance will continue to dwindle.

I am not saying we are in a Depression, but I am saying that people want to escape again, and a little bit of give by the movie industry would go a long way to getting people back into the theaters. Okay, enough of the boring stats, where am I going with this?

Well, Hollywood have you believe that a reduction in movie attendance is down due to online piracy.

Should we even begin to factor in the ease of renting from places such as Netflixand how that reduces your costs to an insanely low level compared to a theater? There was a reason the movie industry flourished during the Depression in that people wanted to escape from reality, so they flocked to the theaters.

I know there is zero chance of this happening, but I think they should actually lower their ticket prices some, and the increase in the number of people going would not only make up the revenue difference, but they would see attendance go back up also, if not exceed what it had been.

The continuing rise of ticket prices is forcing people out of the theaters, not piracy. You get to watch the movie when you want, how you want, and you have a physical copy that you can watch multiple times, or even sell it off somehow and reduce your cost even more.

They run ads on television in theaters telling you how piracy is hurting the industry, and those dirty, dirty pirates will cause people in the industry to lose their jobs, and then where will you be without new movies to go see?

I love movies as an art form, and I want people to see films, but Hollywood has to realize this constant fight to increase ticket prices is making that harder.Essay about Motion Picture Industry Case Problem 2; Essay about Motion Picture Industry Case Problem 2.

Words Sep 28th, United States had the largest film industry and American films dominated the international market. More about Essay about Motion Picture Industry Case Problem 2. Use of Statistics to Analyze the.

Case 2: The Movie Industry Chance Windham, Maegan Abkemeier, Eric Saunders, Zach Redding, Reid Miller, and Alex Robichaud The Business of Exhibition: Porter's 5 Forces Five Forces applicable to the operational. Case # The Movie Exhibition Industry 7/14/ It doesn’t take intense or in depth analysis for one to conclude that the movie industry as a.

Free Essay: [Header] Case Study – The Movie Exhibition Industry 1 Case Study: “The Movie Exhibition Industry” Strategic Planning - BS October x, Case 5 Movie Rental Industry 1 Case 5 Competition in the Movie Rental Industry Case 5 Competition in the Movie Rental Industry 1.

How strong are the competitive forces in the movie rental marketplace?

Do five-forces analysis to support your answer. View Notes - Movie Exhibition Industry Case Notes from BUAD at University of Southern California.

A Horror Show at the Cinemaplex? INTRODUCTION This case is an industry study, highlig92%(51).

Case 2 movie industry 2008
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