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A Brahmin is entitled to whatever exists in the world. The population was divided into classes on the basis of functions or occupations of particular families and groups. The bourgeois leadership had a compromising attitude that could not eliminate atrocities and caste oppressions.

The caste system is one of the leading causes of stagnation in development and a loophole for political mass deception. As per Varna system, people were broadly divided into four different categories. Caste System in India Essay 3 words The origin of caste system in India dates back to the ancient times.

Since, the people remain stick to their hereditary profession, the supplies of labor do not increase with the increase in demand.

Restricted supply of labor: Collaboration between the Indian bourgeoisie and landlords continues to pose a barrier to attainment of a complete democratic revolution and sustains the caste system to date.

The religious as well as social life of the people in the country has been influenced largely by the caste system since centuries and the trend continues today, with political parties misusing it for their own ends.

Unfortunately, the Aryans completely disregarded their local cultures and began conquering regions all over north India. It dictates the type of occupations a person can pursue and social interactions that he or she may have.

Conversely, lower class citizens see the act as pitting toilers to struggle among themselves for fewer slots reserved for them Dirks, What the Brahmins pronounce when highly pleased the gods will ratify; when the visible gods are pleased the invisible gods are surely pleased as well.

As such, citizens remain under oppression under the caste system. Caste is embedded in the Indian Social Structure: They adamantly refuse to accept a suggestion of introduction of proportional representation by the Communist Party of India Deshpande, The barrier is because the majority of the lower class citizens is yet to attain minimum thresholds.

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The Brahma worshipped Gods and Goddesses. The overall result is duality of the social consciousness in the handling of the struggle against modern day class exploitation that is separate from the fight against social oppression Dirks, The rigidity on predetermining choices according to the hierarchy continues to hinder progress made in freedom of choice and education for all in India.

By the times of Gupta Empire, chandalas had become so strictly outside the social that they were forced to strike a wooden clapper on entering the town. Mass media campaign to promote caste-harmony would encourage people to live and work together. Gradually, the system became so deeply entrenched in the social structure that it continues to this day, though the rigidity is gradually being diluted.

It is endlessly supported by rituals and ceremonies.

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Thus, perpetuation of class discrimination is still visible as the right diagnosis continues to be elusive, thus hampering development initiatives to improve living standards for all in the country.

Servitude is proclaimed to be a permanent condition of Sudras. Even though numerous movements challenging the caste system has encourage people not to discriminate against other caste members, the idea of caste will never be removed from Hinduism.

Another political aspect of the caste system is evident in India, especially in the designing of the British rule. From the ongoing discussion, it is imperative to note that the caste system has perpetuated the impunity in the republic of India.

Inter-caste marriages were strictly forbidden. Third in the hierarchy were Vaishyas who were the merchants. Castes play a crucial role in Indian wedding culture. Power and wealth is also less associated with caste compared to the past. Generally, the impure castes are made to live on the outskirts of the city.

When they arrived, their main contact was with the Dravidians.The Caste System of India. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Today wealth is replacing caste as the basis of social prestige.

In other words money has become a deciding factor for influencing human life at present. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website. Around the world, countries and nations have established methods for organizing their citizens into different social groups.

Specifically in India, they have had set up, for many centuries, a way of shaping their country into social strata, called caste systems. "The caste system is a form of /5(3).

ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Caste: Caste System in India! In India we come across a special type of social stratification in the form of castes. Although evidences of caste are to be found in many parts of the world as among the present day Massai, the Polynesians, the Burmese and the Americans, the most perfect instance [ ].

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History of the Indian caste system and its impact on. Outline Thesis statement: The purpose of this paper discuss what role does the caste system play in India today?

The word “caste” finds its origin in the Portuguese word “casta” which means “race” or “breed”. At present caste system is discouraged in India, its root was very strong in ancient India.

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The ancient Aryans started the system. Short Essay on Caste System in India Inter caste marriages are also encouraged today. Thus, the caste system is gradually losing its strength in our country. Related Articles: 7 most essential functions of.

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