Causes of tardiness of students

The questionnaire had four questions, one of which was about the causes of lateness among the secondary students of Nigeria. Review of Related Literature and Studies posted Oct 18,5: As cited by Weade, the 3rd most common cause for the failure of a student is "excessive tardiness and unexcused absences" Ligon and Jackson, For these reasons, tardiness should be discouraged as much as possible.

The tardy student also poses as a threat to the school as an educational and professional institution and the student may be one of the less productive members of the society. Tardiness As UP students, we are expected to perform well with excellence in everything that we do, most especially in the academic aspect.

The authors added film-watching late at night as a cause for tardiness. How a teacher chooses to handle tardiness could depend on several factors. For example, a school could have a policy that three instances of tardiness equal an absence, or students who are late to class lose participation points for the day.

Weade gathered data from the schools of participating students. Generally, the results showed that the respondents are seldom late in class because of late-night use of the social networking site.

Students who often arrive late may face consequences. When a student arrives to a class after the lecture has already started, the teacher is forced to either stop lecturing to adjust the attendance sheet or make a note to adjust it later. The questionnaires contained questions that ask the respondents about their use of Facebook and its effects.

Her study showed that among high school students, the grade point average is correlated with absences and tardiness. They should as well teach it and integrate it in every lesson. Lack of a firm and consistent policy on punctuality also encourages students to come late at school since there are no consequences attached to lateness or tardiness.

First, we will give a definition of tardiness and present some theories and facts about it. Another factor is simply being disorganized.

It includes facts about tardiness, the different factors that causes it and its effect to the students as students and as bearer of their own lives in the future.

Deadlines and Overbooking Some people are late for everything and thrive on beating deadlines, hooked on the adrenaline rush of sprinting into the office one minute before eight. It creates problems, not just to the students but also to the teachers Cowan Avenue Elementary School Community,para 1.

Another factor that could affect the punctuality of a student is the response of the teachers to tardy students.

It must begin with the parents of the students and the government must take part as well. According to CAESC and Zeigerthe most essential learning time of the day for the students lies in the morning, specifically between 8: It was also a test on the personalities of the respondents that affect their habits.

Tardiness may also be the result of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a brain disorder that causes people to be easily distracted and disorganized.

What Are the Effects of Tardiness Among Students?

Nakpodia and Dafiaghor attribute lateness or tardiness to a lot of factors or causes. A single parent who has to get herself and two children dressed, fed and out the door to school and work is juggling a lot of balls first thing in the morning. Next, we will discuss he various factors that causes the students to come to school late, the psychological theories, the observation of the teachers and the personal reasons of the students.

Another research partly studied about tardiness but tackled a specific reason or factor. Many studies have also shown the effects of tardiness on the students, the teachers, the school and the society.

Why Are Students Late to Class?

It also causes the students to have behavioral problems and to drop out. A certain question asked the respondents if late-night use of Facebook has an effect on their punctuality.

There were more absences and tardiness at the latter part of the year.Time management is one solution to remedying tardiness and includes going to bed early, allocating enough time in the morning to get ready for school, postponing unnecessary tasks and foreseeing problems in traffic.

Major Causes of Students Dropping Out There are four major causes of students dropping out of school: a. The child him/herself b. The family situation c. The community they live in d. The school environment In order to prevent students from dropping out of school, we must attack the causes listed above.

Some of them are out of our control. Also, as cited by Oghuvbu, “distance to school, school discipline, family background and school location” (Emore, ) are some of the common causes for the tardiness of the secondary students.

Oghuvbu collected the data from a sample size of 17, Nigerian respondents from Nonetheless, some reasons that cause the tardiness among students can tell whether it is being committed or not or being peer pressured. When students come to class late, it can disrupt the flow of a lecture or discussion, distract other students, impede learning, and generally erode class morale%(5).

What Are the Causes of Tardiness Among Employees?

The effects of tardiness among students are mostly negative since tardiness is both disruptive and inconsiderate. Teachers should have a strict policy in place to deal with the issue, and they should follow through with their policy when necessary. of the causes of tardiness was made in the Rushville High School, Rushville, Indiana.

It was hoped that such a study would reveal information which could be used effectively in reducing the amount of tardiness and in developing the trait of punctuality in the pupils who habitually arrive late.

Causes of tardiness of students
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