Chapter 23 vocab questions industrial

She gives some history of the neighborhood, which had been a boomtown during World War II because of the nearby steel mill.

As you read this text, evaluate the evidence on your own and decide whether or not industrial societies improved life over pre-industrial socieites. The same year-old process has also resulted in modern technological innovations that generations of people have grown accustomed to—such as steam engines, railroads, cars, modern appliances, and computers.

It turns out that Courtney Speed serves not only as a local businesswoman but also as a mentor to the local children.

Tom responds by breaking her nose, bringing the party to an abrupt halt. And like most boomtowns, it went bust after the war. And its influence continues to sweep through our lives today.

Skloot has been trying to get her hands on this video for a while. The men who live here work at shoveling up the ashes. Tom taunts Wilson and then orders Myrtle to follow him to the train. These reasons all explain why they believed this. To investigate this quesion we will look at what changes occured in society and what the consequences were for various groups.

Did industrialized societies grow economically and become wealthy? I think they also stood up for Atticus because he was a good lawyer and they all knew he gave it his all and there was nothing more he could do because the jury had made their decision even though they were wrong. She wants to know if someone called Cofield sent her.

In Mayecomb everything was based on what colour you were and Jem and scout didnt understand why. Wilson is a lifeless yet handsome man, colored gray by the ashes in the air.

Study it to understand the major challenges, trends, and successes of the world today—high-tech innovations, increased global wealth, social injustices, global migration patterns, and environmental degradation.

Even after all this Tom was announed guilty and the children new that this was wrong and so did alot of the Negros. Eckleburg, watch over everything that happens in the valley of ashes.

It lacks a glamorous surface and lies fallow and gray halfway between West Egg and New York. The clues all showed that Tom was in fact not guilty and it was Bob Ewell who hurt Mayella. The Industrial Revolution is an era that began in England at the end of the 18th century, but it has yet to end.

It was a matter of black versus white. I think they felt this way because after listening and watching the testimonies of the community members apart of the case, it was strongly obvious of the truth. At the same time, he finds himself fascinated by the lurid spectacle of the group.

After Tom Robinson was accused of raping Mayella Ewell and put to court, mainly the Finch children - Jem and Scout - truly believed that Tom had a chance to be set free. The undefined significance of Doctor T. Overhead, two huge, blue, spectacle-rimmed eyes—the last vestige of an advertising gimmick by a long-vanished eye doctor—stare down from an enormous sign.

She gets lost and feels anxious, like the black people in the neighborhood who are watching her are wondering what a young white woman is doing there. The McKees, who live downstairs, are a horrid couple: McKee is pale and feminine, and Mrs.

Also, a lot of time had passed before the jury gave their verdict which gave everyone a lot of hope for Tom, and although Tom was announced guilty, everyone; including Jem and Scout knew Atticus was a good lawyer.

Catherine has bright red hair, wears a great deal of makeup, and tells Nick that she has heard that Jay Gatsby is the nephew or cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm, the ruler of Germany during World War I.

Seems it no longer officially exists. In the end Tom was announced guilty, even though everyone knew the truth. On the other hand, industrialization has not spread wealth evenly across the globe, and the consequences have often been unjust. Average life expectancy has more than doubled in industrialized nations, while average incomes have increased even more.

The valley is created by industrial dumping and is therefore a by-product of capitalism. Myrtle grows louder and more obnoxious the more she drinks, and shortly after Tom gives her a new puppy as a gift, she begins to talk about Daisy.

But, the growth of cities coincided with the growth of industry, and rapid urbanization continues to increase in contemporary times. Was life better for children? The children also knew that Atticus was a very good lawyer and he argued his cases very well and very clear.

To be sure, industrialization has improved life in many ways for many people.Chapter 23 Modern Industry And Mass Politics, Chapter Study Outline Introduction; Marinetti and futurism; A radical renewal of civilization through "courage, audacity, and revolt" Integrated into popular vocabulary; Justified the natural order of rich and poor.

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An Affluent Society, 1953-1960

Chapter 17 and 18 Test Review Answers Multiple Choice and Completion 1. President Hoover The Committee for Industrial Organization set out to organize all skilled and unskilled workers in the automobile industry. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS. How did industrialized countries gain power advantages over the rest of the world?

What factors led to increased economic advantages in Western Europe? How did industrialization change society? Politically? File Size. This quiz requires you to log in. Please enter your Quia username and password.

Chapter 23 vocab questions industrial
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