Concussions case study essay

The best available evidence continues to raise questions about whether schools and teams are doing enough. Mental clouding, headache, and dizziness were the most common presenting symptoms.

Sports-related concussions and traumatic brain injuries: Research roundup

A pioneer of reporting in this field was Alan Schwarz of the New York Times; his work highlighted the history of concussions and their consequences in the NFL.

New legislation will Concussions case study essay increase physician visits for these athletes to return to play. Accelerations clustered in the higher percentiles for all impact events, but encompassed a wide range. Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics, October Brain, November The combined concussion IR for practices and games was 1.

The findings also indicated no differential gender based acute response to concussion symptoms or neurocognitive scores among high school soccer players. Understandably, the early focus was on professional football, a game built around high-speed, full contact between heavy, powerful players, but the scope of reporting and research has expanded widely to include sports at every level.

In order to minimize these most severe head impacts, youth football practices should be modified to eliminate high impact drills that do not replicate the game situations.

There was a total of 11 practice and game athletic exposures AEs in the study period, during which 20 medically diagnosed concussions occurred. The majority of the high level impacts occurred during practices, with 29 of the 38 impacts above 40 g occurring in practices.

Concussions in Football

The injury rate was higher in competition 6. Additionally, many of the NFL players scored low on memory testing, particularly in tests of verbal learning and memory.

These data highlight the heterogeneity of criteria for concussion diagnosis, and in this sports context, its heavy reliance on self-reported symptoms.

Canadian Medical Association Journal, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, The timing of return to play after a sport-related concussion is similar regardless of whether the decision to return the athlete to play is made by a physician or an AT.

Johns Hopkins study of retired NFL players sheds light on concussion-related brain damage

Concussion risk starts at the youth level, in football and ice hockey as well as baseball, soccer, boxing, gymnastics, horseback riding, skiing and cycling — any sport with potential for hard contact. The long-term consequences of such injuries can be dire: Football has the highest incidence of concussion, but girls have higher concussion rates than boys do in similar sports.

Research roundup By Alex Remington The issue of concussions in sports has attracted considerable media coverage in recent years."Sports Concussions" Essays and Research Papers Concussions in the Nfl.

Communication Studies Nelson Andrew Vanstratum Concussions in the NFL Recently in the NFL, the issue of concussions has been thrusted into. Free persuasive essay about concussions papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. The following words are common and were removed - In recent studies, it has been found that concussions resulting from athletics are becoming increasingly dangerous while at the same time given less consideration.

Sports related mild.

Concussion Case Studies (ESPN)

Interesting Concussion Case Studies Kevin Guskiewicz, PhD, ATC NATA Advanced Track Indianapolis, IN June 12, Read this essay on Concussions in Sports. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

Only at" Case Study Draft Introduction Concussions have casted a dark shadow over sports throughout the last decade.

They are the most. Essay about Concussions in Sports I will also cover what we are doing to prevent them from happening and what studies are being done to ex-sports players who have had concussions. A concussion is an injury to the brain usually caused by a blow to the head.

Concussions can be diagnosed by a doctor at a hospital. Johns Hopkins study of retired NFL players sheds light on concussion-related brain damage Several anecdotal accounts and studies have suggested that athletes exposed to repeat concussions—including collegiate and professional football, hockey, and soccer players—could suffer permanent brain damage and deficits from these events.

Concussions case study essay
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