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Additionally, they enlisted the help of Communist radical youths in order to secure military installations across the city. He eventually agreed to give Major General Suharto "sole responsibility for restoring security and order".

However, he questioned their accuracy and credibility. In a private meeting with Kahin, Anderson, McVey, and Bunnell, the delegation promised that it would promptly deliver documents requested for the past eight years after returning to Jakarta.

Cornell paper and McVey noted that the Harian Rakjat "prided itself on well written and cogently argued editorials", but the editorial in question "is no gem of style or clarity". Compared to neighboring West Java and East Javathe region of Central Javawhere the Diponegoro Division was headquartered, experienced a more traditional culture.

Refusing to follow Untung for a final stand at the Diponegoro Division headquarters in Central Java, Sukarno retreated to Bogor Palace where he was placed in the custody of the Army. The PKI was entangled before it knew what was happening; Soekarno mistakenly attempted to take advantage of the situation created by the deaths of six of his top Generals.

The actual originators of the coup are to be found not in Djakarta, but in Central Java, among middle-level Army officers in Semarangat the Headquarters of the Seventh Diponegoro Territorial Division. As such, the movement did not find it necessary to "impose any form of press control, nor indeed any particular mobilization of the press".

I accepted [an interview with a Boston radio station in September ], and it was then that from my absorption with the Vietnam War I was abruptly pulled back into the orbit of Indonesia [ Untung has asserted in carrying out his patriotic movement. Central Intelligence Agency[11] a group of officers from the Diponegoro Division plotted to conduct a series of raids to kidnap members of the General Staff to either be held as hostages or killed.

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He explained that the paper was a "tentative attempt [ This decision was made after taking into consideration the safety of colleagues and former students conducting work in Indonesia for fear that they "could possibly be held accountable for the views expressed in the paper". The first aspect is the political involvement of the Indonesian military in transforming itself from a "decentralized, popular guerrilla force into a more professional centralized ruling group".

The failure to bring this situation into the open is unfair to the new student generation, to emergent scholars, and to the students participating in the Modern Indonesia Project who have had nothing to do with the Paper.

However, the authors believed that such a preemptive move must be guaranteed that the information was accurate. Anderson and McVey believed this to be the case because of a three-week absence of violence that ended on October 21, when Communist youth elements clashed with the Army Para-Commando Regiment Indonesian: If Sukarno did not die immediately following the coup, an alliance between the President and the military would prove disastrous for the party.

The weight of the evidence so far assembled and the admittedly always fragile logic of probabilities indicate that the coup of October 1,was neither the work of the PKI [ Communist Party of Indonesia ] nor of Soekarno himself.

In observing the unstable political climate of Indonesia since the events ofKahin wrote in the preface to the publication, "It will probably be some time yet before a reasonably comprehensive and sound analysis can be written.

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Because of the sensitive nature of the document, they also requested that its contents be kept confidential. The names of the generals killed are shown in gray. Circulation[ edit ] We thought it important to circulate this interpretation even in its Cornell paper incomplete state because the sponsorship we assign to the coup is not one that has usually been considered; and we feared that if we waited until a definitive history could be undertaken the tracks of this group, and others involved, might have been successfully wiped from the sands of time.

Kahin believed that the promises made by the officials who conversed with him were "overruled by a higher authority". Fueled by rumors that members of the General Staff had been working with the U. The volatility of the military had previously contributed to several internal and national crises, including a rebellion movement.

The work itself argued that the coup attempt was not an internal military affair after taking into account the testimonies of PKI members made during a series of military trials. Because the region "has been for centuries the seat of political power in Java", residents believed that its position "has been usurped by Djakarta ".

Additionally, they lacked an understanding of the internal politics of the Indonesian National Police and other military branches that took part in the crisis.

Anderson acknowledged that he and McVey placed a considerable amount of attention on events in Central Java "at the expense of other provinces as well as the capital city". This was the final alternative, in which the President acted spontaneously after being spurred by Untung and his men to act against the Army General Staff without his knowing that rumors of an impending coup were false.

Nationalist, Religious, and Communist state. Nasionalis, Agama, dan Komunis; English: It was used by the Indonesian military to blame the PKI and, in some cases, foreign minister Subandrio for attempting to create a puppet government that would eventually give way to PKI control.

Anderson and McVey observed that the more traditional officers believed "soldiering itself is less a matter of techniques and skills, than the development of moral and spiritual faculties through a kind of modernized asceticism ". The foreword to the publication stated that it was written in response to "a campaign waged by certain circles in Western countries against the New Order government".

With no reason to doubt Sukarno or their control of Jakarta, Untung and his men allowed the President to communicate via couriers. But however the case may be, this is an internal Army affair. According to Anderson and McVey, they were presented with three possible motivations if this theory were true.

According to University of Melbourne scholar Katharine E. Kahin requested "much more pertinent documentation" on the event in order to create a "fuller and more scholarly" report and analysis of the coup. The primary planning of the operation would then be conducted by Sukarno, motivated to remove Army General Staff members who opposed his idea of a " Nasakom " Indonesian: McGregorthe U.Transfer paper for reproducing an image outline onto a final surface Transfer images to paper, canvas, wood, or other final surface Marks are erasable on sealed surfaces.

A Preliminary Analysis of the October 1,Coup in Indonesia, more commonly known as the "Cornell Paper", is an academic publication detailing the events of an abortive coup d'état attempt[1] by the self-proclaimed September 30 Movement, produced on January 10, The study was written by Benedict Anderson and Ruth McVey, with.

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