Cultural integration in mergers and acquisitions

Companies tend to emphasize valuation issues during the due diligence phase. When differences of opinion exist among senior staff, how are these differences resolved? Cultural communications plan - Senior leadership must take responsibility for the communications plan, and be front and center and own it.

These talking points should be transparent and honest in regard to consolidations and possible layoffs, timetables, and expectations for the future. After conducting our own research of recent mergers and acquisitions, we have tangible proof that there are successful things a company must embrace during the integration process to ensure acculturation and moving forward successfully.

Integrating cultures after a merger

This is further developed below under vision. The vision is established that identifies what the two merged companies will look like after the integration is completed. Often there is a similarity as in an acquisition within the same industry, same geographic region, or similar customers and distribution channels.

Deal with the Complexity or it will deal with you The people issues increase the complexity of successfully leading an organization.

There should be a systemic, sequential, tactical communications plan with a set timeline for full integration and measurement to gauge the buy-in. In the media world, Charter and Time Warner also merged. Cultural differences, diagnosis and prescriptions - Conduct research to determine differences within each corporation in regard to cultural strengths and weaknesses of their respective companies.

The integration process may require several phases. Footnotes 1 See Pautler, Paul A. Key executives frequently lose their jobs or simply leave for another company when the acquired company fails to merge successfully; e.

M&A Cultural Integration Issues

Some questions to consider during this process are: It must become a business process that is rigorous, structured and accountable. We will not submit this information to any third parties. The execution of the integration does not waiver and stays on course until completed as defined in the vision.

This should include functional heads from each department of both companies.

The Case for Culture Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions

Attempt to build consensus through social media such as SharePoint, Yammer and help overcome disparity and arrive at agreements. Communicate regularly and frequently using all new technological innovations and techniques such as social media, online platforms, gamification, and web-based employee forums.

A Review of the Business Consulting Literature. Bureau of Economics, Federal Trade Commission for a thorough review of the research indicating these figures.

Establish a communications council - Bring together key functional leaders to navigate the communication requirements, frequency, and talking points that need to be conveyed to the organization.Delivering the intended benefits of a merger or acquisition can be a challenging proposition.

Cultural integration in mergers and acquisitions is key.

Optimizing Cultural Integration

Address M&A cultural integration issues in your transition. Culture has emerged as one of the dominant factors that prevent effective integrations.

Organizations today undergo mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures for many reasons: among them, to acquire technologies, products and market access; to create economies of scale; and to. Executives pursue mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures as a means to create value by (1) acquiring technologies, Cultural issues in mergers and acquisitions Leading through transition: Perspectives on the people side of M&A be put in place to address cultural integration.

Too often, culture is presented as a wooly and soft topic. Object Moved This document may be found here. The Case for Culture Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions. by Jesse Lyn Stoner | 6 comments. 7 Tips to Move From Vision to Reality the sister company to The Economist newspaper, “The antidote to these problems is pro-active management of culture integration Organisational cultural differences and human capital integration issues.

Tags: Mergers, Acquisitions, Cultural Integration, Due Diligence Banner year for M&A in Inthere were nine deals valued at $50 billion or more.

For example, Anheuser-Busch InBev agreed to purchase brewer SABMiller for $ billion, and Pfizer Inc. agreed to buy Ireland-based Allergan for $ billion to create the world’s largest .

Cultural integration in mergers and acquisitions
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