Essay on my first day at secondary school

Secondary School Communication and assessment Communication and connecting with our parents is important to us. Conducted three times a year, MAP results in Math and Literacy are also used to identify trend patterns and overall cohort progress year on year. Activities range from academic enrichment and support eg meeting with subject teachers for additional help to student led clubs and initiatives such as student council and Model United Nations.

Students regularly participate in house events, and our house captains are charged with helping to foster team spirit and a sense of belonging.

CIS and we share important need-to-know information through our weekly newsletters and advisories. In Secondary, students are presented with a wide range of leadership opportunities.

In the DPassessment takes the form of both internal and external assessment. In the MYPformative assessments monitor learning and provide ongoing feedback during a unit, while summative assessments evaluate student learning at the end of a unit by comparing it to a standard or benchmark.

As they develop leadership skills that are underpinned by our core values, our students are ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead of them and act as leaders both locally and internationally.

Curriculum information and assessments are located in My. Learning at CIS is not just confined to the classroom.

Secondary School

Detailed and descriptive reports are issued four times a year. Students participate in a range of relevant and engaging hands-on outdoor learning opportunities including field trips and field investigations which allow them to apply their learning in a real world context.

Our house system is designed to build a strong sense of community and pride within our Grades 1 to 12 student body, and helps students develop leadership and teamwork skills.

A holistic approach We provide opportunities for students to excel and develop new-found passions, whether intellectual, sporting, entrepreneurial, creative or service related.

Occasionally, there are a small number of students for whom the full IBDP is not the best option.

All final assessment is externally assessed and moderated and leads towards the award of the Diploma. SMART sees students participating in a variety of student initiated activities that seek to encourage independence and self directed learning.

Leadership is encouraged across all areas of the school. Diploma Programme Globally regarded as one of the premier High School Diploma programmes, the DP is designed for highly motivated students aged 16 to From the traditional student council model with an active and engaged student executive committee, to sporting captains, theatrical leads and peer tutors, student leadership creates value for both the leaders themselves and our student cohort.Secondary School at CIS is a challenging and supportive environment, resulting in students who are confident, passionate and driven to succeed.

Essay on my first day at secondary school
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