Evaluating web sites essay

Then a summary of the helpful links is provided and the corporate information and information about the website.

Links β€” What do the website links tell you? Is there a publication date? Other texts are normal texts, black in color and in Arial font Virgin Atlantic 1. Note that a link to another organisation does not mean the information has been condoned or approved of by that organisation.

This could be due to the wide ranges and diversity of the operation of the Virgin Atlantic company. If the page is undated content cannot be placed in time and it is therefore not always possible to be sure the information is current.

Accuracy β€”Can you verify the information? Who, therefore, is the intended audience? Furthermore, the camera views changes in the different pictures, which has enhanced the emotions in the pictures.

Is there reference to recent published material? The website employs Arial font throughout. Are there any dead links? Follow links and assess their credibility.

Who links to the page? What is the purpose of the website? Is there a professed or apparent commitment to a particular point of view, product, or service? For example in the case of the picture of people in a beach, the camera was in front of the scene and outside of the scene color. What is the relevant experience or expertise to comment on the topic?

This shows that each webpage within this website is an independennt entity. This is because they are selling products to a special class of people. Bias β€” Is the information one-sided? Each photograph has a story to tell and is emotionally captivating.

Has this person been cited by others? Look for publication and revision dates β€” usually, but not always, at the bottom of a web page. Checklist for evaluating a website Credibility and Authority Who is the author of the website?

Research other publications on the same topic. Is advertising present on the page? Links can give insight into possible bias.Evaluating a Website for Credibility: Mayo Clinic Chamberlain College of Nursing NR Foundational Concepts and Applications Summer Evaluating a Website for Credibility: Mayo Clinic In this paper, I have chosen a health-related website and evaluated its credibility.

The search engine used to locate the domain, killarney10mile.com. Evaluating Web Sites Our group decided to use the Quality Information Checklist rubric because it was convenient, direct, to the point, and simple to use.

Individuals or groups are able to set up a website, create a logo, apply copyright to their material, and present material online with the appearance of credibility and backing by. Case: Module 3 In this essay I will evaluate a website and talk about my evaluation.

I will explore all of the different content on this website, different tabs, links and the.

Website Evaluation essay

The website is partitioned into various web pages connected to each other by use of links. The top of the website presents the company logo and website name.

Below the logo, there is a horizontal bar containing links to the various webpages within the website. Evaluation of website MHN is comprised of spokespersons and advisory board. The website discloses a limited list of spokespersons with title and areas of educational focus.

Evaluating web sites essay
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