How to write a freedom to operate opinion letter

Freedom to Operate: Knowing if you will likely infringe a patent

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Patents are a limited monopoly and they do expire check expiration dates! What is the detailed pedigree of the germplasm? The analysis required in order to make this determination is daunting, takes a lot of time and comes with substantial liability for the patent attorney who offers the opinion.

Startups might be licensed, but usually they pay a royalty. This being the case, it is understandable that individuals and small businesses would like to be able to obtain a patent search and opinion that if they were to do what they are about to do they would not be sued for patent infringement.

Finally, for better of worse, in America you can be sued for virtually anything at any time. With all patent searches, regardless of who does the search, there can be no guarantee that all relevant prior art will be found. This only makes sense. If they offer a clearance search and make a mistake their exposure would easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps millions of dollars.

The way I explain this service to people is by drawing a comparison to an audit where the books would be certified versus an audit where the accounting firm would not certify the books.

The search firm I use has developed a thorough patent search that can operate as a quasi-freedom to operate search. If they offer a clearance search and make a mistake their exposure would easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps millions of dollars.

I have no problem with exclusive rights to innovation, but Mr Heller points out that there is nothing exclusive in his market. This means you have to obtain the file and then pour over it with extreme detail, and in many cases to provide a freedom to operate there will be multiple patent files that need to be considered.

Freedom to operate opinions are used most effectively to give peace of mind about the reasonableness of pursuing a particular business opportunity, but it does not mean you could never be sued.

Assembling the FTO Team 2. Counsel may be sought later when and if it is warranted, possibly at later stages of the FTO analysis when questions of legal significance arise for example, patent claims analysis.

With the cost of filing a patent infringement lawsuit they are not typically filed when there is no legitimate merit, but I have seen those cases where there is absolutely no way there is infringement and the lawsuit is merely harassing.

This is early stage investigation, and with an eye toward whether a patent can be obtained, not late stage analysis of whether a legitimate claim for infringement can be made. Receiving a rejection from a patent examiner is normal and common.

I cite a five legged chair for a patentability search because it discloses four legs. Notwithstanding, there are many millions of other references and foreign patents and applications that can be used by a patent examiner to reject claims.

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Hence, by following this FTO analysis blueprint, a series of sound FTO questions can be formulated, so as to lay a solid foundation from which a reliable FTO analysis will be able to develop. Startups should build in some sort of sinking fund for future royalties, and should invest in their own patents as trade material.

Allow me to explain why. What is a Patent Search? Sometimes a prototype will be available. It is understandable that those who are entering into a business endeavor would want to know what their potential exposure might be, and when you have an invention perhaps the single largest potential liability looming is the threat of infringing a patent owned by another.

A patent search focuses only on whether you are likely to obtain a patent, and used to determine whether you are able to move forward without fear of being sued for infringement. So, if you are in the position where you want the best information available but have to operate on a budget there may be a partial solution.

Additionally, when you do apply for a patent it is extremely likely that the patent examiner will rely on at least some patents that you did not know about. Typically when we do patent searches and offer opinions a big part of what we do is to identify space for the inventor to move into where a patent could be obtained.

The purpose of a patent search is to determine whether it makes sense to move forward with the expense of preparing and filing a patent application. Because an FTO analysis is conducted at the interface of science and law, the FTO team leader must be professionally amphibious that is, capable and comfortable in two different professional environments.Reducing Risk of Patent Infringement Combating Troubling FTO Results, Overcoming Potential Roadblocks, Reliance on a competent legal opinion letter provided “a sufficient basis for [the accused infringer] to Freedom-to-Operate Freedom to Operate.

Non-infringement and freedom-to-operate (FTO) opinions are legal advice given by a patent attorney with an objective to avoid infringement of other’s patent(s) by his client.

These opinions set forth the attorney’s viewpoint on the non-infringing position of the client’s proposed product/process/technology. Freedom to Operate Opinion Letter Summary This form is a Freedom to Operate Opinion Letter, also referred to as a “right to use” or “patent clearance” opinion, is based on a search of U.S.

patents and published U.S. patent. If you want to commercialise a new variety of lentil seed in your own country, for example, you might have complete freedom to operate if there are no patents, plant variety rights, trademarks or other IP rights covering the seed, the process used to make it or the way you wish to market it or in your country.

Difference Between Patent Searches & Infringement Clearance

In contrast, the search for a freedom to operate opinion would alone cost at least $3, and that would return dozens of references that a patent attorney must wade through in painstaking detail. Typically a freedom to operate opinion will cost at least $10, and sometimes substantially more.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) is the ability to proceed with the research, development and/or commercial production of a new product or process with a minimal risk of infringing the unlicensed intellectual property (IP) rights or .

How to write a freedom to operate opinion letter
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