How to write a metaphor

How to Write Extended Metaphor Poems

How do you avoid bland blog posts no one wants to read? FictionLanguage About Sarah Baughman Sarah Baughman is a writer and trained teacher who has published articles in print and online publications.

Any word, phrase or sentence can be written down. An extended metaphor extends the metaphor mentioned in the first line throughout an entire poem or paragraph of prose. You want to inspire your readers to take action, change their beliefs, or to buy something.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock adapted: Imagery — the core of metaphoric language — will surprise, grab, inform, and persuade your [readers] as mere explanation will not. Have you found that the blog posts that take you longest to write are the best?

Decide what you want to write about. Sure, a hose is shaped like a snake, making the initial connection obvious. What are the defining characteristics? Cheese is kind of funny and gross to think about to me at least, haha. This is how it works: Maybe you can also compare bicycle with blog maintenance — like keeping your plug-ins up to date, regularly checking your links are still okay, and emptying your spam folder to keep your blog running smooth.

They by-pass rationality and lower defenses to sales pitches. Do you enjoy using metaphors in your writing? How are your going to help your readers?

Your writing is like mashed potato without salt. A simile uses like or as: Or what about an island? A metaphor states that something is something else without using the word like or as.Metaphors will automatically make your writing more vivid.

How to Use the Persuasive Power of Metaphors

You can add an extra dose of personality by focusing your metaphors on one or two topics that are close to your heart. If you write about web design and you love going to the movies, draw metaphors from movie scenes or stories about the movie industry – like why movies flopped, how.

If you are writing your first extended metaphor poem, start off by creating a free verse poem. Then, you can move on to a structured style, such as a rhyming quatrain or rondel. Read some examples of extended metaphor poems and notice how each successive line describes the comparison that is stated in the first line of the poem.

Metaphors can be tricky. It's helpful to think of them not as puzzles writers use to baffle us, but rather as keys unlocking more layers of meaning than we could possibly gain with a literal description.

How can we write complex and meaningful metaphors of our own? By thinking backward. Often, you can use a metaphor to make your subject more relatable to the reader or to make a complex thought easier to understand.

They can also be a tremendous help when you want to enhance your writing with imagery. Metaphors often are confused with similes, but it is easy to distinguish between the two. If Fitzgerald had written that "good writing is like swimming underwater," it would be a simile because it is stating that one thing is similar to something else.

Metaphor creation is a subset of the art of writing, and art’s validity and appeal is based on people’s opinions.

Maybe you read something, and the vehicle reminds you of a specific memory and it resonates more with you.

How to write a metaphor
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