Meryl louise davenport

This is a great monologue that requires the actor to go through a lot of changes.

The monologue is very physical and incredibly funny. The first monologue centres around Meryl Louise Davenport, a thirty-something mother. Her mother, a Vietnamese refugee, gave birth to her shortly after arriving in Australia. The speech descends into a rant about her ex-husband as the cacti remind her of her failed relationship.

Dominic explores the nature of his identity through a play that Meryl louise davenport wrote and performed but acknowledges that he has still not reached a stage where he is comfortable or fully understanding of who he really is.

Having lived the majority of his life in Australia he feels that he knows how this has contributed to his understanding of his identity. Margaret seeks to give back to the country that has given opportunities to her mother and helps recently arrived refugee families form Sudan and Afghanistan.

In some ways, Meryl appears to feel that her identity is under threat from the myriad expectations in her life.

Every monologue is great and gives actresses a lot to work with and there is a monologue for every age! Look out for a future post about the role of women in society. We again see this self-criticism when Meryl places her own needs and wants above those of her children. Murray-Smith constructs Davenport as a woman approaching middle age, struggling to fulfil expectations as she juggles a variety of different roles in her life; mother, wife, friend, neighbour, teacher and before all, woman.

Sister Hue Can differs from the other migrants in the program insofar as she Meryl louise davenport in Australia as an adult with a more fully realised personal and professional identity in her native Vietnam.

But for Aussie actors the play is very well-known I got my copy at a local bookstore and for International readers the book is available on sites like Amazon.

She sees numerous similarities between these recent arrivals and her mother and seeks to gain a greater understanding of her mother and herself through the similarity of their experiences. The monologue is about sexual re-awakening and embracing life in old age.

During the monologue she talks to the audience as she goes through the motions of taking her children to school, grocery shopping, washing clothes, etc. Theresa McTerry is a bride sharing her excitement with the audience as she prepares for her wedding.

Once again this monologue is very physical and funny and requires a lot of energy and an actor willing to embrace their inner child! All four are of Vietnamese background with three of them arriving as refugees at varying stages of their lives and one being born shortly after her refugee mother had arrived in Australia.

She continues to talk to the audience as she walks down the aisle and marries her fiance. She watches in horror as her arch-nemesis performs the same song and must quickly improvise a new performance before she is called onstage. This is a good monologue for actors wanting to showcase their singing abilities.

The last monologue focuses on an aging famous singer called Zoe Struthers performing a show on her comeback tour. But as the monologue continues Theresa begins to question her feelings for her husband.Meryl Louise Davenport A mother of 3 children and married to Barry.

She struggles with meeting societal expectations of being a 'super-mum' and ultimately succumbs to the pressure. She worries about how others perceive and think of her which becomes her obsession. She sees heself as a bad mother and.

Meryl Louise Davenport, a hard-working full-time wife and mother, is awoken by her baby at am and we share her day, privy to her daily ritual with the children, not to mention the tortures of being a good wife and mother.


Bombshell’s Meryl Louise-Davenport is a harried mother whose ‘frenetic stream-of-consciousness’ is reverberated by the frantic pace of her language and the constant repetition of demands such as ‘I have to be punctual. I have to be punctual’. Her use of high modality language highlights the high.

Get this from a library! Bombshells. [Joanna Murray-Smith] -- Six funny and perceptive monologues about the stresses of modern female life, from the author of Honour. Meryl Davenport - A mother who tells the story of her non-stop day in a rapid-fire internal.

The first monologue centres around Meryl Louise Davenport, a thirty-something mother. During the monologue she talks to the audience as she goes through the motions of taking her children to school, grocery shopping, washing clothes, etc. Feb 07,  · Davenport Davenport was the name of a series of sofas made by the Massachusetts furniture manufacturer A.

H. Davenport and Company, now defunct. Due to the popularity of the furniture at the time, the name davenport became a genericized trademark, like aspirin.

Meryl louise davenport
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