Mesmerism and spirituality

Hypnotic suggestions may be delivered by a hypnotist in the presence of the subject, or may be self-administered. When the hypnotic state was thus obtained, he found that the patient could be readily influenced, and that, by placing him in given attitudes, the emotions normally expressed by these attitudes could be produced in him at will.

The combination of light, music, and incantations from Mesmer produced a form of hypnotism or "mesmerism. Insensitivity to physical pain and instant awakening Celsus records the fact that Asclepiades, the Greek "father of physic," "practised light friction, Mesmerism and spirituality a means of inducing sleep in phrensy and insanity; and, what is more remarkable, he says that by too much friction there was a danger of inducing lethargy.

Quoted in lsis Revelata, by J. The Marquis was allegedly able to hypnotize Victor and, while hypnotized, Victor was said to have been able to speak articulately and diagnose his own sickness. The girl Mesmerism and spirituality mentioned, Jane Rider, blindfolded carefully, was asked to learn backgammon; she consented, knowing nothing of the game, learned it rapidly, and won the sixth game from an experienced player; awakened, she was asked to play, but said she had never seen the game, and she could not even set the men.

The following passage mocks the medical prowess of those qualified only as mesmerists: McCorristine is an interdisciplinary historian who is currently writing up a project on embodiment and disembodiment in British Arctic exploration.

Mesmer latched on to this idea. The rest, as they say, is history. There can be no doubt, in the light of our present knowledge, that many of the "miraculous" cures credited to prophet and saint were the results of magnetic power; that the ecstasy of the saint is reproduced in the hypnotic trance; that witches and wizards may be rivalled by the mesmerizer.

During lethargy all the senses are suspended, with the occasional exception of the sense of Mesmerism and spirituality, which is sometimes retained, as it is in natural sleep. If Mesmer had been in China and not France there is a very good chance that the crowd would have understood what he was saying.

This, along with the animosity felt toward Mesmer by the French medical establishment of the time, put Mesmer and the King in a very precarious situation. One of his goals was to have his method and theories accepted by the scientific institution of the day, this proved to be a very frustrating goal that reached no fruition and brought him misfortune.

Like other 19th century "sciences," such as phrenology and mesmerism, Spiritualism attempted to reconcile spirit with matter, and religion with science.

So for as France was concerned, Animal Magnetism now remained under a cloud, but in England it made great progress. A hat was placed on his head, and "words cannot express" the subjects surprise, since it appeared to her that the hat was suspended in the air.

Occult Literature 127: Mesmerism, Spiritualism, Witchcraft, and Miracles (Putnam)

It appeared that she had been a the Refuge when she was two years old, but had naturally forgotten the physician: Universalist involvement in spiritualism needs to be seen as one feature of the rationalist challenge to belief in Biblical revelation and to the common belief in miracles as suspensions of natural law.

The condition of a hypnotized person may vary from insensibility to accute sensitiveness. We see prophecies, visions, possessions, the evil eye, magic control, all reproduced under conditions which render possible careful scrutiny and deliberate investigation.

Of all that is below this threshold, the physical organism remains unconscious. Furniture might tip or levitate.

Spiritualism, Mesmerism and the Occult, 1800-1920

In the face of declining numbers of Unitarians, Universalists and spiritualists, an unsuccessful attempt was made to draw all three groups into a "Church of the Spirit.

Colquhoun well says, the facts "almost daily disclosed were much too numerous, too unambiguous, and too firmly established, to be overthrown even by the united force of learning, prejudice, ingenuity, ridicule, invective, and persecution.

What is it, this luminous Eidolon which shines out the more brightly as the bodily frame is [Page 79] unconscious? What do you think of her? Are those the same qualities at work in the placebo effect? After having worn out his welcome in Vienna, Mesmer traveled to Paris inwhere he became very popular among the upper classes and members of the French court.

A hypnotized subject is required to steal some object; sometimes she resists, but insistance [Page 20] generally overcomes this resistance; only in a few cases has it been found impossible to conquer it.

Surely we have here the explanation of the appearance of the [Page 72] "sacred stigmata" on ecstatic men and women meditating long on the passion of Christ. It was forgotten that, in the investigation of every newly-discovered natural force, similar successes and failures occurred; and it was as rash to denounce Animal Magnetism as unreliable because beginners blundered, as to deny that electricity could be produced by friction because a machine working in a moisture-laden atmosphere threw off no sparks.

Many Unitarians avidly investigated spiritualism, but usually represented it in such vague terms that they did not jeopardize their standing.

In the collection I wanted to integrate recent critical studies on psychical research and allied fields with materials from archives like Wellcome to offer the researcher a wide selection of voices on a variety of subjects connected to the supernatural and psychical.

Mesmer would often have his subjects standing on a magnetic plate submerged in a pool of water. Ecstasy, prayer, humility, sadness, anger, fear, can be represented. For example in Temples of Healing, priests prescribed sleep for patients.

Subjects feel the [Page 7] cold produced by breathing from the mouth at a distance of several yards Braid. A remarkable quotation from a work published in by Sebastian Wirdig, is given by Mr. Of this dissident, De Jussieu, Dr. With the exception of De Jessie, the members of the commission proved to be very narrow- indeed and unimaginative.

Animal magnetism

He further discovered that the senses often become abnormally acute under hypnotism, and that hallucinations could be imposed on the subject by "suggestion," i.The discrediting of Mesmerism by Franklin’s commission did not come about because Mesmer had not been able to prove that he was able to produce the results with his subjects that he claimed, but that he had failed to prove that “animal magnetism” was an actual physical force.

LibriVox recording of 'Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind-Reading and Spiritualism', by A. Alpheus. Written injust sixty years after the word. This chapter examines the influence of mesmerism and spiritualism on the history of Western esotericism.

It explores the relation between science and spirituality and traces the development of animal magnetism from the combination of the notion of fluid and the powers of the mind in science. It discusses the works of Franz Anton Mesmer and his. Like other 19th century "sciences," such as phrenology and mesmerism, Spiritualism attempted to reconcile spirit with matter, and religion with science.

New England Universalist ministers had taken a lively interest in mesmerism.

Mesmerism and Spirituality

A variety of New Age forms of spirituality appeared in the newly merged Unitarian Universalist Association. Mesmerism and Spirituality Though very few remember him, Maser’s interpretation of animal magnetism marked the beginning of mental therapy as we understand It today.

At a time when methods reminiscent of medieval.

Hypnotism and Mesmerism

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Mesmerism and spirituality
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