Paper shredding terms

A cross cut shredder will make this task even more difficult.

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With a little effort and some patience, a person can assemble a strip cut document back into its original form and read your confidential document. Motor Measured in horsepower, it is the available shredding power that is calculated from the wattage specifications of the motor.

Duty cycle Duty cycle is an indication of how strong and well Paper shredding terms the machine is. Supposedly he needed to shred his anti-Nazi propaganda to avoid the inquiries of the authorities. Greenwood ; in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Fourth Amendment does not prohibit the warrantless search and seizure of garbage left for collection outside of a home.

This feature is available on select models. Bag Full-Auto Off When the waste bag or bin reaches a pre-set level, a sensor turns the shredding action off.

This feature is available on select models as part of the complete electronics package. It is controlled by the paper contacting a mechanical sensor or by breaking a light barrier.

Shredder Terms

Before you know it, the motor is over heating and burning up. Auto Reverse To help prevent paper jams, the shredder will automatically reverse, momentarily, if an overfeed occurs.

Many now reject paper that is fed over capacity to avoid jams; others have safety features to reduce risks. Anti-burning laws also resulted in increased demand for paper shredding.

Run Time It denotes the time the shredder runs continuously and then requires coolingthis is also equivalent to the bin capacity and the amount of shredded papers it can hold. Types[ edit ] Multi-cut scissors used to shred paper Shredders range in size and price from small and inexpensive units designed for a certain amount of pages, to large units used by commercial shredding services that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can shred millions of documents per hour.

Invention[ edit ] The first paper shredder is credited to prolific inventor Abbot Augustus Lowwhose patent was filed on February 2, Clearing a shredder jam is messy and time consuming.

Paper shredder

Extra features There are a variety of other features that you can pay for on your shredder. A high-profile example of their use was when the U. Bin Full Sensor A full bin of shredded documents can back up into the cutting assembly and cause a jam.

Shred Size Also referred to as particle size, it describes the overall dimensions the paper is reduced to. Shredding console Shredding method, and output[ edit ] As well as size and capacity, shredders are classified according to the method they use; and the size and shape of the shreds they produce.

It will also help you understand the differences between these terms and how shredders are rated, we have included a list of only those used most frequently.Jun 21,  · Shredders and Shredding Company» Shredder Terms Shredder Terms We’ve compiled a list of terms frequently used by shredder manufacturers to unable you to make proper choice of shredder according to your Shabbir.

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Paper shredding terms
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