Police report writing apps for middle school

It also has a chat function. User reviews suggest the app is very useful for forensic, law and law enforcement coursework. Menu options allow officers to include case file numbers, project numbers and information about subjects, suspects, victims and witnesses.

Crime tips will immediately alert local law enforcement. It also has the capability to force a sound when the phone is in vibrate or silent mode. It provides a compass, metal detector, sound meter, ruler, measuring tape, flashlight and magnifier.

13+ Sample School Reports

Some of the key functions include: There is no sensitive information available through this app. The app is developed around a U. It would be equally useful to officers in the field or hikers in the woods. In addition to names and addresses, this app offers photos, birth dates, descriptions and explanations of the convicted crimes for each known offender in your area.

Only those agencies that opt in are included here. It was developed to connect the public with the police in order to build a strong community policing network. Police radio, sirens and funny tunes are all included and can be set as ringtones or alerts. You can create and share custom events, notes, pictures and PDF reports.

Users can use their smartphones to add pictures, audio or video documentation of any incidents. It also notifies users of rapidly changing weather patterns. On-screen photo information includes GPS coordinates, street address and time stamp.

Police apps for future crime fighters 1. It also allows you to filter by city, county and country. To be able to access sensitive information, law enforcement officers can register at www.

All sketches can be shared, scaled, saved and printed.

33 Police Apps for Law Enforcement Officers & Future Crime Fighters

It provides information on toxic inhalation hazards, protective distance information and references material for hazmat personnel. Crime scene information is superimposed on a Google Map for pinpoint accuracy and can be emailed or printed to be used by other officers.

It uses illustrations, videos and short text to ensure you use the right procedures in any situation. It requires an internet connection as the PDF guides can be quite big.

Police apps for public safety 1. These signals come in particularly handy when listening to police scanners or ham radio operators.

Users can track phones via the Internet. It also give one-touch access to local law enforcement in every state. It was developed to be a social app in that users can add warnings for the benefit of other users.School of Justice Studies; Blog; 33 Police Apps for Law Enforcement Officers & Future Crime Fighters; Police apps for public safety.

1. My Police Department (Android, This app from the Animal Legal Defense Fund gives users the ability to report the neglect and abuse of animals in their communities. Users can use their smartphones to add. Writing a Police Report If you are trying to get students to use more facts and details in their discussions and writing, this is the activity that you're going to want to introduce to them.

Your students will learn what it is like to be a police officer constructing a police report. A PowerPoint presentation on the basics of police report writing. I WOULD LIKE TO FILE A POLICE REPORT ON HEATHER NEWMAN FOR USING TWITTER IN CLASS! School Bus Driver at East Grand School District at East Grand School District.

4 months ago Show More. Writing a News Report Created by: Dale Simnett and Darren Reed Formatted by R Fracchioni trying to steal, police said Wednesday. Thirsk visited students at St.

Cecillia Catholic School on Annette St. yesterday to. Students in Janet Howard's and Mary Fuch's Language Arts class at Readington Middle School received a firsthand lesson in police report writing on January Writing a Police Report Narrative handout/assignment Computer with Internet access and word processing software (such as Microsoft Word) middle, end).

3. Witnesses may be identified, and important details from their interviews may be included. If you.

Police report writing apps for middle school
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