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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. More essays like this: My results were accurate, where most of the results were almost the same, which was good enough to plot into a graph that showed that my prediction was correct, which Restistance of nichrome wire essay done by following the method, where I have kept it a fair test and collect the results from the amps and volts carefully and accurately.

Sometimes resistance wire is insulated by ceramic powder and sheathed in a tube of another alloy. If the wires width is increased the resistance will decrease.

The number of electrons depends on the amount of electrons in the outer energy shell of the atoms, so if there are more or larger atoms then there must be more electrons available. The gradient would then give the value for which could then be manipulated to extract the value of d.

Five trials were taken for five different lengths to obtain a reliable, wide range of data. These collisions slow down the flow of electrons causing resistance.

To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire Essay Sample

The thinner the wire is the less channels of electrons in the wire for current to flow, so the energy is not spread out as much, so the resistance will be higher: When looking at the graph to show the resistance of different lengths, I can see that there is also a curve going up towards the top right hand side from the bottom left side, which shows increase in resistance as the length of the wire increase from 10cm to 50cm and by looking at the results table I can also see a trend, where the resistance is increasing proportionally because of the extra length of the wire.

Which will be noted down quickly. If the length of the wire is increased then the resistance will also increase as the electrons will have a longer distance to travel and so more collisions will occur.

For example, in the filament of a light bulb, the long, thin wire resists the flow of electrons so electrical energy is dissipated as heat and light. This equation can graphically represented by l on the y-axis and R on the x-axis.

In my case, the longer the wire of an electrical circuit, the greater collisions into atoms, therefore, there is higher resistance.

Nichrome wire by determining its resistivity - Sample Essay

I will the set it out in a complete circuit with the voltmeter running parallel without no gaps and keeping the power off, as shown in the diagram. The type of material will affect the amount of free electrons that are able to flow through the wire.

However, different metals have different values of resistance. So if we double the length of a wire, the number of atoms in the wire doubles, so the number of jumps double, so twice the amount of energy is required: Resistance is a measure of how hard it is to move the electrons through the wire.

The formula 2 that relates the diameter to the cross sectional area of the wire is: The size of the current in a circuit depends on the voltage of the supply and on the resistance of the components: In an electrical circuit, the cell or the battery provides the electrons with electrical potential energy.

As the electrons in an electrical current move around a circuit, they bump into the atoms in the wires through which they pass. The resistance of the circuit for different lengths were collected as raw data and are tabulated below: Also if the atoms in the material are closely packed then the electrons will have more frequent collisions and the resistance will increase.

For different sets of data, the length of the Nichrome wire was altered by making only a fraction of the full wire part of the circuit. For example, if a 2AWG wire requires a 10mm diameter, most manufacturers will label even a 9.Resistance of a Wire Essay - Resistance of a Wire We are trying to find out what affects the resistance of a wire.

Investigating how the length of a Wire affects its resistance.

Resistance is the slowing down of electric flow (flow of electrons) due to metal ions. Wire Safety Be careful not to overload the circuit and cause burns Do not burn out the Nichrome wire.

[tags: Papers]. Nichrome wire by determining its resistivity - Sample Essay Metals have low resistance due to their delocalized field of electrons.

However, different metals have different values of. Cirris Systems provides you with a calculator to measure wire resistance. Learn more about wire resistance calculations here, and visit Cirris Systems today! Wire Resistance Calculator & Table Wire Resistance Calculator & Table Quick Calculator.

Wire Length Write an essay response to our question for a chance to receive $1, towards. Nichrome wire, resistance properties up vote 0 down vote favorite Nichrome wire is often used as resistance wire, because it's got a high melting point (around $^\circ C$) and resists oxidation well.

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Resistance wire

current than a nichrome wire of the same size. nichrome copper This means that the copper wire has a lower resistance The connection between current, voltage and resistance was discovered in by Georg Ohm, a German physics and maths teacher. The formula V = I × R is known as Ohm’s Law.

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Restistance of nichrome wire essay
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