Should cricket be the national game of india

National game carries some historic importance and we definitely had a glorious performance history for the Hockey in comparison to the rest of the world. The sour few notwithstanding, the general population including the elders love the sport and support children to let fly.

Local cricketers earn a decent livelihood just by playing cricket which makes it an all the more viable career option. Such is the madness surrounding the game, that it has even been considered as a religion that unites all religions in the country.

But making cricket as a national game will attract a lot of criticism from many other areas and from different countries also. If you search for general rage of Indian natives for any game then it is for cricket as it were.

It is still doubtful in case of cricket, with regard to our performance level in comparison to the rest of the world, whether we have placed our milestone anywhere near to the leading point in world of Cricket. Still we cannot predict the same level of zeal and enthusiasm among the masses after few decades.

The sport is ingrained in the genes of the people of this country. Today cricket is celebrated yet in the event that tomorrow some other game will be well known of course people can request to change the national amusement.

To progress we need to change. Looking at our status in the international tournament, we definitely have our never ending charm for hockey, which we lack for the Cricket. Cricketers are rich and well known, and get high payments for the matches.

No In the event that cricket is made as national game of India then it will directly discourage the interest towards other game. With the advent of the Indian Premier League IPL lesser known people have got a chance to go toe-to-toe with the legends of the game and bask in the limelight.

Should cricket be the national sport?

Though it has lost its popularity today, still we have people today welcoming the sport with great spirit. The cricketers whether big or small are demigods in their own right and every move of theirs makes news. Many people admire to be like them.

Lots of people are proposing idea to make Cricket as national game. It will significantly hurt the feelings of the hockey players. Big companies are investing a lot of money in cricket.

Cricket should be the National Game of India

With many local, state and national tournaments, there are plenty of opportunities to shine. If we opt to change the National sport as per the majority interest and the number of the followers for the game, then this amendment will carry on endlessly.

Prime time coverage is a right that the sport has achieved and people tend to latch on to every information — the more the merrier. Therefore, it will make no sense in declaring Cricket as national game of India.

Cricket should be the National Game of India – English Mania

As compared to other games India is famous in the world for cricket. It will give a wrong message to other games as well. Cricket is the national round of England. Conclusion If national game of India is going to be cricket then there will be no additional benefit that cricket will get.

Also, it will not have any influence on the cricket fans. This game had lived the era of fame and the players have enjoyed much fame throughout.I think cricket should be made India's national game because many young talents are emerging in the side and the government can help them by equipping them with all the accessories.

Posted by Tanush Jain on 16/10/ at AM. Just like how cricket got popular, any other game might become popular someday in India but definitely not in near sight if you think in a pragmatic manner Declaring cricket as the national game would bring lesser attention to many other sports and this is not good Many more people would be tempted to go only intonbspSep 28, With eight Olympic.

Introduction. There is a big question in front of everyone Cricket should be the national game of India or not. Lots of people are proposing idea to make Cricket as national game.

Sep 27,  · But in my opinion India should give a good encouragement to the game of cricket by making it the national sport. The and World Cup trophies, the T20 World Cup, and finally in Author: The Hindu. Sep 29,  · In fact cricket can easily be termed as a religion in India.

Backed by some very recent glories, cricket deserves to be the national sport of India on merit. The future too looks bright as the game is managed by some skilful administrators, and backed by the richest cricket board in the world.

Which of these sports should be the. May 18,  · Considering the popularity cricket got in India as compared to other sports and as India is not doing well in Hocky over the last few years, I strongly feel that Cricket should be made athe National game of India Resolved.

Should cricket be the national game of india
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