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So, when i went back home, i am still wondering what is this movie about and why suddenly my friend ask me to watch it? Here are some opinionsfrom our users: She also mention to me that, this movie have Catholic approach in it.

Family reunions are a huge deal for us, a mandatory event so to speak. Moral lesson of a walk to remember? The Final Word Tanging Yaman is not a unique film by all means. While the film is very heartwarming, it suffered from some melodramatic and over-sensationalized scenes.

This is a poignant film, perhaps trying too much to be very emotional, about three siblings who are very different to each other. There was no moral. As an adjective, moral means ethical or virtuous.

Be satisfied with the life you have. During the sequence when Rommel Jericho Rosales went missing, the whole family gathered in prayer for his safety. Meanwhile, Grace is a struggling mother in the United States.

Much as they are held together by her, they are in turn separated by physical distance and the sad legacy left behind by Tanging yaman reflection paper deceased, erstwhile strong-willed, patriarchal father.

He was a prodigal son but later on regretted what he did, came back and asked for forgiveness. Most families go to church every Sunday and pray the rosary together every day. Its simplicity might just be its greatest asset.

That is not the main reason why i post this soundtrack here. There are many moral lessons in the story. I think the moral lesson was probably about class difference. Stealing has serious consequences.

This is a sappy, tearjerker movie that is slightly influenced by a certain element present in almost all Filipino telenovelas.

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What is the moral lesson of the Titanic? It is exquisitely put together. Fortunately, Guillen is too much a humanist to overestimate the Catholic faith. I burst in tears from the beginning of the story until the end of it. A moral is a belief or guidance which appeals to the good in you.

The past was brought out in the open, explaining the reasons why their relationships have been tarnished ever since.

Chona What is the summary of tanging yaman movie? What stuff each one is made of faces its true test when the family matriarch, in an act richly resonant with ritual Christian self-offering, yields her whole being to the God of Providence and succumbs to a debilitating disease.

MERGE exists and is an alternate of. It was weaved and told in a very simple manner, straightforward so to speak, that it directly speaks to us.

The family saga is a stark and poignant dramatization of provincial values vs. I am a little bit curious at first.

This is a story that will appeal to a typical Filipino. Do her beloved children unite, or do the frayed relationships finally break up? Then, she also ask me whether i did watch Three Wise Men? Just because someone is of higher class does not mean they are happy that way or a better person than someone who is of lower class.

As a devoted Catholic, Loleng laid it all to God. Her characters are less than perfect. It leaves an indelible mark to our minds that in spite of everything wrong that we would do, our immediate family will always be there for us for guidance and support.

What are the moral lessons of Jack and the Beanstalk?Then she show me the VCD of Tagalog movie title Tanging Yaman. Since i am also a bit crazy of Tagalog movie, so i agreed to borrow it from her.

What is the moral lesson of Cinderella?

She also mention to me that, this movie have Catholic approach in it. Oct 02,  · Performed by Ariel Malicse, Roger Edar, and Miguel Cacanindin Directed and accompanied by Percival Cacanindin.

Tanging Yaman RXN Paper - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. tanging yaman movie. Aug 03,  · Tanging Yaman, written and directed by Laurice Guillen, take these two aspects of a typical Filipino family into an interwoven tale of greed, jealousy, rivalry and redemption.

This is a poignant film, perhaps trying too much to be very emotional, about three siblings who are very different to each other.

Apr 17,  · Tanging Yaman with lyrics by Carol Banawa and Bukas Palad Choir Drawing Heart - Trick Art on Line Paper - VamosART - Duration: VamosART 14, views. TANGING YAMAN. Jan 16,  · Tanging Yaman () Tanging Yaman has for characters men and women who dream, sin, fight, lie, love, hate, forgive, cry, and laugh for all the correct reasons and aren’t judged negatively precisely because of these very human acts.

Without the miracles and the preaching that the film relies so much on, the film is just Author: Oggs Cruz.

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