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It makes you feel better The cay essays that person, but God made everyone equal. His nose was flat The cay essays his face was broad; his head was a mass of wiry gray hair.

Relationships are being made!

This happens when Timothy makes a shelter on The Cay and uses things on the island such as wood,bamboo and string. Yes they were different. Retrieved January 30, Hato headed for Virginia, is separated from him when it sinks.

Inwhen NBC-TV adapted its story for a television drama, the Council on Interracial Books for Children organized a press conference to "urge people to watch the telecast and, if you feel as we do, that an insidiously racist message is contained in the story, please call your local stations. I think that racism is bad.

Phillip is then rescued by a navy vessel and one year after he and Timothy find the island, he has many surgeries to get his sight back. In the end, Phillip decides he will become a sea explorer and travel to multiple islands and soon hopes to find the Cay he and Timothy had been stranded on, which he is certain he will be able to recognize by closing his eyes.

Timothy proves to a surprised Phillip that he has a great knowledge of the Caribbean islands and survival tactics, able to make shelter, gather food and water, and survive. Planes fly over the cay, but they do not see Timothy and Phillip, lengthening their time stranded there.

Nobody would feel hurt or sad. Phillip seemed like a spoiled brat, huh? Extreme situations mean that people have to learn to get on and help each other.

As they are the only people on the cay they get to know each other well and Phillip learns that Timothy is a man that he can admire. It is about a boy named Phillip, who was traveling to the United States during the war, when the ship got torpedoed.

I felt superior to Timothy that day When Phillip ends up blind, he comes to rely upon Timothy to provide for him and teach him. I remember that ugly welted face. Phillip wakes up and finds himself on a raft with a West Indian called Timothy.

Phillip learnt good fishing skills from Timothy and he eventually found his own way around the island with only the guide of a rope and his surroundings. One of the many things Timothy had to do was teach Phillip how to survive. Extreme situations mean that you have to learn how to trust someone different.

I had begun to change. But now, in my memory, it did not seem ugly at all.

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Timothy has taught Philip to survive and catch food and to eat. Respect is a lot like fairness. He saw them as servants or people who were not very smart.

With few supplies, they live alone together for two months, fishing and collecting rain water. It makes you feel that God has made you better than everyone else.

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Recently, I have been reading a book called The Cay. On page 75, Timothy says: At the end of the book, Phillip thinks that Timothy is a dignified, wise, and loving old man. In turn, their bond strengthens and Phillip grows to admire and befriend Timothy.

Timothy teaches Philip to catch food. On page 71, it says: Skeptical of Timothy at first because he is black, he relies on him when he is blinded and comes to appreciate him and creates a strong bond of friendship and trust with Timothy.

On page 38 it says: But soon, we had a flimsy shelter from the burning sun. On page 68, it says: Phillip finds that there are some similarities between himself and Timothy.

And on pageit says: It distinguishes the differences between people.Final Test Questions for The Cay by Theodore Taylor. Essay Questions: Answer these on loose-leaf and staple to the sheets. Monitoring Knowledge and Determining importance Strategy questions.

Mar 06,  · Essay: The cay In the novel The Cay written by Theodore Taylor an important relationship was between Timothy and Phillip. Their relationship was important because Phillip overcame his prejudice towards Timothy, Timothy taught Phillip how to survive and they became good friends who relied on each other.

Mar 21,  · In the novel The Cay By Theodore Taylor, an important theme for this novel is survival. It is important because Timothy cares for Philip because he is blind. Timothy also teaches Philip to catch food and he builds a shelter for Philip and teaches him how to build his extreme situations like this, you.

The Cay Essay Examples. 5 total results. An Overview of the Cay and the Young Boy Named Phillip from Willemstad. words. 1 page. A Brief Summary and the Main Theme of the Cay by Theodore Taylor.

words. 2 pages. An Analysis of The Cay, a Novel by Theodore Taylor. words. 2 pages. Caribbean isle of Curaçao in The Cay by Theodore Taylor Essay This twelve-year-old boy is the main character in the story, and his struggle for survival is portrayed as the main problem in the book.

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