The jewelry and the necklace the

The jewelry and the necklace the are not contacted by mail. Basically this is antique Native American jewelry which was pawned by Navajo and other Southwest Indians in such desperate financial straits that they were never able to reclaim them, or else taken away from Indian families by debt collectors, or, as is sometimes the case with pawned goods, dumped off there by thieves.

My customers loved them and I will definitely be purchasing again from Treasure Jewelry. If you win, please tell everyone where you won the jewelry and to visit the Leeleeko Jewelry website at www. Would love to see more hand bags!! All of our pearl jewelry are supplied to the people from all over the world.

Be aware that all traditional Native American jewelry, including all the work on this page, is handmade, so it is going to be priced accordingly.

The quality and diversity of shapes and styles surpasses any wood bangles elsewhere. These items shipped very quickly and as soon as they hit the store front they were flying off the shelves!! Thank you -- Charm Eagleman The jewelry I received was exquisite!

There are several styles of bracelet cuffs that I love and will be reordering them. Before Europeans came native metalwork was fairly simple, consisting primarily of hammering and etching copper into pendants or earrings and fashioning copper and silver into beads.

After colonization, Native American jewelry-making traditions remained strong, incorporating, rather than being replaced by, new jewelry materials and techniques such as glass beads and more advanced metalworking techniques.

In the Gothic period necklaces were uncommon, though there are a few records of diamond, ruby, and pearl necklaces. I will be ordering more jewelry. This type of necklace sometimes incorporates a loop at one or both ends to allow it to be worn in the style of a lassoor it may be worn doubled over with the ends passed through the loop formed in the middle.

Welcome to Treasure Jewelry, Inc. The customer service is stellar. There is also a thriving trade among collectors for something called "old pawn" or "dead pawn" Indian jewelry.

You can see our Native American beadwork page for more information and pictures about different beading arts. All purchases are processed through PayPal and Sweepstakes entries through Google, both of those sites are secure.

I was immediately impressed at the quality and beauty of the products in their inventory and purchased some really great pieces right then and there at the show. Necklace length diagram 35 centimetres 14 in to 41 centimetres 16 in long and sits high on the neck. Sponsored Links Southwest Indian Jewelry The most impressive history of traditional jewelry-making in North America belongs to the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and other Pueblo artisans who worked native silver and semiprecious stones into distinctive inlay and overlay designs.

I was very pleased with the quality and the prompt shipping to me. I will definitely be restocking! I received my order and am very pleased. They deliver trendy, bohemian wholesale fashion jewelry at an unbeatable price.

The Edwardian era saw a resurgence of pearl necklaces, in addition to a dog-collar style of necklace made of gold or platinum with inset diamonds, emeralds, or rubies. All photos are the property of their respective artists; please visit their sites to see their work in more depth. Reasons for giving a valid email address on an entry We use the email address you give to contact you if you win.

Few men in the Baroque period wore jewelry, and for women necklaces were unsophisticated, often a simple strand of pearls or delicately linked and embellished strands of metal with small stones.

Mailing address is used for shipping the prize after the winner has been contacted by email or phone. Rope necklace A rope necklace is any necklace longer than opera length. Sponsored Links There are two very general categories of Native American jewelry: Why not buy some of the beautiful jewelry made by the many talented Southwest Indian artists still working today, instead?

Amulet s were also turned into necklaces. I stumbled across the website and was amazed at the uniqueness of these pieces.

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Lariat necklace A lariat is a very, very long variation on the rope, without a clasp, often worn draped multiple times around the neck; the ends can be crossed over, looped, or knotted in various ways.

I had no problem selling these beautiful pieces at five times the price I paid for them. No need for a PayPal account they accept credit cards.

Portrait pendants were still worn, and in extravagantly jeweled settings.

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The jewelry and the necklace the
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