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It may be possible for fusion Thesis information fusion be much safer and more sustainable than nuclear fission, which is used in nuclear power today and involves splitting heavy atoms such as uranium into lighter but highly radioactive atoms.

On returning to Princeton they needed to analyze their samples at a scale too small to see with conventional microscopes. That is especially true for the divertor.

Plasma is an ionized gas, meaning it is made up of positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons. The DFIG model Level 0—5 explored the implications of situation awareness, user refinement, and mission management. Senior researcher Yao-Wen Yeh helped prepare the samples, some of which were sliced to less than nanometers thick a thousand times thinner than a sheet of paper.

Photo by David Kelly Crow In Thesis information fusion fusion, enormous amounts of energy are released when two light atoms such as hydrogen isotopes are fused to make one slightly heavier atom such as helium.

One proposed method for building a fusion plant involves fusion reactions in superheated plasma that has been confined in magnetic fields. In a real application, attributes are not uniform and some type of interpolation is usually required to properly assign attributes to the data points in the fused set.

In the figure at right, rock lobsters are studied off the coast of Tasmania. Koel said he expects that they will eventually produce journal articles, which will include Meagan Yeh as a co-author.

Tungsten is extremely hard and dense and has the highest melting point of any element. Tungsten, used in razor blades and high-performance turbines, seems like a promising candidate for use on parts of the divertor that face the plasma.

Then, Meagan Yeh used a scanning electron microscope to examine the sample for damage, while Yao-Wen Yeh conducted examinations with a transmission electron microscope.

February This section includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Photo by Meagan Yeh Doerner said they could have two weeks on the device.

In a much more complicated application, marine animal researchers use data fusion to combine animal tracking data with bathymetricmeteorologicalsea surface temperature SST and animal habitat data to examine and understand habitat utilization and animal behavior in reaction to external forces such as weather or water temperature.

All tungsten is made up of tiny crystals, and the borders between these crystals are known as grain boundaries. Engineers have to overcome a number of challenges before being able to establish a commercial fusion plant.

The researchers are pleased with the results. Hugh Pederson of the University of Tasmania used data fusion software to fuse southern rock lobster tracking data color-coded for in yellow and black for day and night, respectively with bathymetry and habitat data to create a unique 4D picture of rock lobster behavior.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, data fusion thus included data, sensor, and information fusion. You can help by converting this article to prose, if appropriate.

For one, they have to create a section of the reactor designed to withstand high heat and particle bombardment from the reactions. Buzi called one of her former colleagues, Russ Doerner. The material is a rare formulation of tungsten that has promising properties. It is a hellish environment and requires a very special material.

Tungsten, which has the highest melting point of any element, is one candidate for use in construction of fusion reactors. But through the use of data fusion, all data and attributes are brought together into a single view in which a more complete picture of the environment is created.

Working double shifts, they were able to finish in one week. The method involves working with a special type of the metal tungsten. Q R In a simple case where all attributes are uniform across the entire analysis domain, the attributes may be simply assigned: Process Refinement Level 5: Eventually, the tungsten fails.

Data integration might be viewed as set combination wherein the larger set is retained, whereas fusion is a set reduction technique with improved confidence. To make this section, called a divertor, engineers have to develop a material tough enough to take the punishment.

Yeh, who is majoring in chemical and biological engineering, had spent the previous summer working at PPPL, a U. In areas such as business intelligence, for example, data integration is used to describe the combining of data, whereas data fusion is integration followed by reduction or replacement.

Last year, he asked one of his undergraduate students — Meagan Yeh — to examine a new approach, and she undertook the effort as part of her senior thesis project.

The quick work provided the researchers with an opportunity to perform more tests. The pair still had a big job to do: Editing help is available.Information Fusion in Fingerprint Authentication By Arun Abraham Ross Although the problem of automatic fingerprint matching has been extensively studied, it is nevertheless, not a fully solved problem.

In this thesis, an information fusion approach is adopted to address some of the limitations of existing fingerprint. The proposed intelligent way of applying information fusion in this project is a multi-stage multi-modal hierarchical k-stage system.

This system pre-selects a shortlist of the best match-candidates, which are denoted by comparison scores from a given biometric modality, hierarchically in k-stages using different modalities at each stage.

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NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited WHAT MAKES FUSION CELLS EFFECTIVE? For her senior thesis, Meagan Yeh, left, a chemical and biological engineering major, worked with Luxherta Buzi, right, a postdoctoral researcher, and Professor Bruce Koel to test material for possible use in a fusion reactor.

Sensor fusion is combining of sensory data or data derived from disparate sources such that the resulting information has less uncertainty than would be possible when these sources were used individually.

The term uncertainty reduction in this case can mean more accurate. Rochester Institute of Technology RIT Scholar Works Theses Thesis/Dissertation Collections Cyber attack simulation and information fusion process refinement optimization models for cyber.

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