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My father says that one must be watchful of such people, I thus, avoid making friends who are not genuine. Man is born free, we put him in chains.

Their small fingers and toes win my admiration. Lastly, I dislike intellectual snobbery. I love those whose heart is clean, though their tongue might be bitter. We go on liking them in all ages.

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It pollutes the air and makes others suffer. Who disciplines the dancing rivulets? Then there is treachery which I dislike most. I understand my duties and responsibilities and I do not like to be told to do this thing or that.

Such people are very harmful to the society. But people normally do not realize the value of proper behaviour and spend a lot of time in senseless bickering and fighting.

It is for this very reason that I cannot stand the rebuke of my teachers, however well-intentioned they may be. Why should a student be forced to sit and listen to the most boring, dull and dry lecture of an incompetent teacher who does not know his job? Likewise, there are certain persons who never keep their word.

I too, like Wordsworth, believe in the soul of nature. In fact he forces me to do so and I hate this very much. I am a boy with very strong likes and dislikes. When the last book of Harry Potter was release went to the Full Circle shop at Khan Market, early in the morning, at 5,a.

Such persons can never endear themselves to me.

Essay on My Likes and Dislikes

But I shall stop with the last. I simply dread the summer season with the blazing sun, intense heat and the dry hot winds. As a matter of fact, people, who are artificial, give themselves away very easily, It ism difficult to judge them because their vibes are negative and can be felt, you do not get impressed, with their hypocrisy.

A piece of advice to all, you may like or dislike things, which is natural, but never have very strong likes and dislikes. I dislike washing clothes too. These people poison the atmosphere with foul suspicion. It is but for go these people that the world is a place worth living.

Treacherous persons are great enemies of everyone including their own country. How lovely is the freely growing undisciplined, untamed nature?

I also hate when friends fight among each other. Discipline, as the word has unfortunately come to mean today, stunts normal growth and hinders the free development of personality. Trying down the long hair of the ladies with bedsteads while they are asleep, writing nasty words on the shirts of my class-fellows, wiring love letters to my class-fellows on behalf of some other friends, raising false but intelligent alarms in the hostel and putting up false holiday notice on the notice-board are only some of my favourite pastimes.

Similarly, I, too, have my own likes and dislikes. But it does not mean I am free from dislikes. May be I am a coward. The gay company of my friends cheers me.

It is not only the cleanliness of physical surroundings but also the cleanliness of heart that I adore. My parents have always to me that good people are honest, simple, and kind.

Those persons who know how to act and behave in society are the ones whom I adore. The smoke that comes through his nose paints the picture of a building on fire. I do not like to waste my spare time in idle talks or in backbiting others.Essay on “My Likes and Dislikes” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

When you are asked to write about your LIKES AND DISLIKES try to include some of the following points in your essay: 1. every one has likes and dislikes 2. all the things you like. Essay on My Likes and Dislikes.

Article shared by. I can not help it because I hail a very vivid imagination therefore stories and novels interest me more. Perhaps, I am a literary kind of a person.

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7 Answers. Muskan Singh, aspiring clinical the following are 5 things people like/dislike: LIKES; Small compliments / appreciation / acknowledgement texts.

Essay on things I Hate I like to have soft hands and washing clothes makes my hands rough and course. but I somehow cannot help being the way I am and I continue to feel this way about the things that I dislike most.

Related Articles: words essay. Things i like and dislike about myself essay (1 2 3 essay help) Posted May 2, by & filed under Post Frame Buzz. I have a computer science midterm and a rhet essay tomorrow. i don't feel like studying nor writing. what should i do?

Things i like and dislike essay help
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