Using integrated linguistic and literary approaches

Interpretation and Personal Response The focus of this final step is on increasing understanding, enhancing enjoyment of the text and enabling learners to come to their own personal interpretation of the text. The subplot in King Lear of Gloucester and his two sons mirrors the main plot but presents the issue of legitimacy.

Using integrated linguistic and literary approaches

Working at it - II Focus is on analysis of the text at a deeper level and exploring how the message is conveyed through overall structure and any special uses of language - rhythm, imagery, word choice etc. By using such a model to teach literature we not only reveal the universality of such thoughts and ideas but encourage learners to understand different cultures and ideologies in relation to their own.

This is based on the rationale for the personal growth model. Moreover, an integrated approach to the use of literature offers learners strategies to analyse and interpret language in context in order to recognize not only how language is manipulated but also why. Firstly, the creative use of language in poetry and prose often deviates from the conventions and rules which govern standard, non-literary discourse, as in the case of poetry where grammar and lexis may be manipulated to serve orthographic or phonological features of the language.

It is not difficult to find instances of standard transactional forms of discourse which make use of a whole array of literary devices. The use of literary texts in the language classroom can be a potentially powerful pedagogic tool.

Conclusion There are many benefits to using literature in the EFL classroom. The two brothers fight until Edmund is stabbed and knows he will die. Introduction As teachers of English as a Foreign Language our main concern is to help learners acquire communicative competence.

The following examples make explicit use of alliteration, assonance, register, imagery, ellipsis and rhythm - stylistic devices which are more commonly associated with literature than with standard, transactional language.

Another aspect of this model is that it helps learners develop knowledge of ideas and language — content and formal schemata — through different themes and topics.

The key element for regarded is the protagonist has to die shortly after recognizing his error. This view is part of the idea that the separation of literature from language is a false dualism since literature is language and language can indeed be literary.

There is a perception that the use of literary discourse deflects from the straightforward business of language learning, i. The reasons why teachers often consider literature inappropriate to the language classroom may be found in the common beliefs held about literature and literary language.

The Mafia was prominent in big clues such as New York which Is the setting for the novel. This article describes various approaches to teaching literature and provides a rationale for an integrated approach to teaching literature in the language classroom based on the premise that literature is language and language can indeed be literary.

What this means is that the reader has to infer, anticipate and negotiate meaning from within the text to a degree that is not required in non-literary discourse.

Why Teach Literature in the Language Classroom? Duff, Alan and Alan Maley. Put a tiger in your tank — ESSO The boundaries which are thought to exist between literary and non-literary discourse are not so distinct.An integrated model is a linguistic approach which utilises some of the strategies used in stylistic analysis, which explores texts, literary and non-literary, from the perspective of style and its relationship to content and form.

use integrated linguistic and literary approaches in their reading and interpretation of texts; engage creatively and independently with a wide range of spoken.

Using integrated linguistic and literary approaches, explore the presentation of learning and education in “The Tempest” and “Translations”. Vital lessons. Read this essay on Use Integrated Linguistic and Literary Approaches to Discuss How Capote Presents Mrs Hickock in This Extract.

Go on to Compare How the Presentation of Mothers Elsewhere in "In Cold Blood" and in "True History of the Kelly Gang".

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you. Using integrated linguistic and literary approaches compare how sibling relationships are presented in King Lear and The Godfather.

In both King Lear and The Godfather, sibling relationships are presented as volatile such as when Regan and Goneril temporarily collaborate to take Lear’s power but become obsessed with the.

x use integrated linguistic and literary approaches in their reading and interpretation of texts x engage creatively and independently with a wide range of spoken, written and.

Using integrated linguistic and literary approaches
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